Sewer & Drain Excavation

With over 50 years of experience in the drain and sewer excavation industry, A-1 Sanitary Sewer & Drain Service is the one to trust with commercial excavation work for your sewer or drain system. Sewer excavation is complex and requires precision. Our highly experienced technicians are ready to respond to any situation, emergency or not. When the underground sewer and water lines become disruptive, they need to be fixed immediately. We’ll help you resolve the issues quickly. Give us a call at 260-492-2464, and we’ll be out there quickly to help you.

Sewer and Drain Excavation is the process of digging down through soil or rock to access buried pipes, drain tiles, sewers, etc. It’s usually done when a problem occurs with these items. The most common problems include broken or damaged pipes, leaking sewage systems, and flooding due to clogged drains.

The first step in any excavation project is to determine where the pipes are located. This is done using a pipe locator tool, which sends out a signal that identifies the location of buried pipes. Once the pipes are found, the next step is to dig down to the pipes. This is usually done using a backhoe, which digs a trench around the pipes. After the trench is dug, the pipes are removed and repaired.

Sewer and drain excavation is a very dangerous job because there are many things that could go wrong during the process. There are many hazards involved, including falling objects, slippery surfaces, and even electrical shock. It is important that you know exactly what you are dealing with before you start a project.

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