A sump pump is a device used to remove water from basements and crawl spaces. It consists of a motor, a float switch, a check valve, a discharge pipe and a filter. The motor turns the impeller which pushes water through the filter and out the discharge pipe. The float switch detects when the level of water rises above a certain point and activates the pump. This prevents damage to the pump if the water level drops below the float switch.

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The sump pump is a critical part of any basement system. It’s designed to keep water away from the foundation walls and prevent flooding. In addition to keeping water out, it should also be able to remove excess water from the area around the house. This is especially true when there is a leak in the roof or some other problem that causes water to enter the basement.

Most of the time we pay little attention to our sump pump until the rain starts coming down and the snow starts melting. Then we hope everything works as it is supposed to. The failure of a sump pump to remove water from your basement or crawl space can lead to harmful mold, rusted and damaged home appliances, destroyed items, and more. So it is important to get a truly capable sump pump that you can rely on.

7 Common Causes of Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps can cease working for several different reasons:

  • No power
  • No maintenance
  • Wrong size Unit
  • Poor installation
  • Float Switch problems
  • Blocked or damaged discharge lines
  • The unit is worn out and needs to be replaced


Most store bought Sump Pumps are ill equipped to handle the job properly, from single switches to small motors on down to improper installation. When it comes to something as important as your home you need to make sure your Sump System is ready and capable of getting the job done right every time and if something does go wrong you are alerted so you can take action quickly.

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