A-1 Sanitary Sewer & Drain Service, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offers only the best when it comes to drain and sewer cleaning. We have the experience and know how to clear your drain or sewer lines. We always ensure the job gets done right and quickly. With our focus, we also ensure the job is done well, to avoid potential problems in the future. Working with A-1 Sanitary Sewer & Drain Service, you’ll see that we always keep your budget in mind and finish within time.

Drain Hydro Jetting Service – The best way to get rid of clogs in your drains is to use a professional drain jetter. This will remove all debris and blockages from your pipes so that water flows freely again. It’s important to call a plumber if you notice any signs of a blocked pipe because it could cause serious damage to your home.

Hydro jetting is a technique used to clean out clogged drains and pipes. It involves using high pressure water jets to dislodge blockages and clear away debris. The process works by forcing water through the drain pipe, which breaks up any obstructions and loosens debris.

That is where we come in. We take the guess work out of it and create the exact system you need, not more no less. Just right.

For all your residential and commercial Sewer & Drain needs.